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Santo Antäo

Santo Antão is the greenest island with verdant valleys, rugged mountains and spectacular contrasting scenery. The drive from Porto Novo over the mountain range to Ribeira Grande is dramatic with landscapes quickly changing from bear and arid to mountains offering rewarding views of the valleys.

There is superb mountainous scenery which makes the island a popular choice for hikers but at present, the choice of accommodation is quite limited.

santo antao, cape verde

The hour long ferry crossing from São Vicente is a pleasant experience when calm but can vary depending on the weather.

Santo Antao with its mountains and gorges is possibly the most beautiful island in Cape Verde. The colours, vegetation and local wildife, including vultures, kestrels and some reptiles, for example, are striking. Naturally, the vegetation varies dramatically between regions. The high zones are covered with trees like the eucalyptus, the cypress, and the pine-tree. The south, in total contrast, is arid with herbaceous vegetation.

It is very different from the white sandy beach islands of Sal, Boa Vista and Maio. Economically, the island is very rich in fishing and agriculture, the main produce being sugar cane, sweet potatoes, manioc, bananas, coconuts, mango, papaya and almonds. Pass the day pony trekking, or walking or cycling along the streams, with dancing in the evenings after a superb dinner at one of the fine local restaurants.


santo antao, cape verde